Hyte Y60 LCD DIY Kit Mod for Y60 PC Case – CS-HYTE-Y60LCD-DIY

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    • Ultimate system personalization in Y60’s corner glass… our community popular vote!
    • Display anything a second monitor would, including your new favorite meme.
    • All-in-one DIY kit with included .STL file for 3D printing our standard mount.
    • Customizable high-resolution LCD screen for the Hyte Y60 case.
    • Displays video wallpapers, system stats, gifs, and more for enhanced personalization.
    • Kit includes LCD screen, driver board, and power cables.
    • DIY mounting solution with an available .STL file for 3D printing a standard mount.
    • Model NV126B5M N42 V3.2 with a resolution of 1920 x 515.
    • 45% NTSC color gamut for vivid and accurate colors.
    • eDP Version 1.2 with an energy-efficient power usage of 2.9W.


Enhance your Hyte Y60 case with the innovative Y60 LCD DIY Kit, a high-resolution LCD screen designed to fit seamlessly into the Y60 corner panel. This kit allows you to display video wallpapers, system monitoring, gifs, and more, bringing ultimate personalization to your system. Recognized by the community as a popular choice, the Y60 LCD screen transforms your case into a visual showcase. The kit includes the LCD screen, driver board, and necessary cables for power. For mounting, users will need to engage in a bit of DIY, with an STL file available for 3D printing a standard mount. The Hyte Y60 LCD DIY Kit features a model NV126B5M N42 V3.2 screen with a resolution of 1920 x 515 and a 45% NTSC color gamut. It operates on a 1.2 eDP version and has a low power usage of 2.9W, making it an efficient addition to your Y60 setup.Hyte Y60 LCD DIY Kit Hyte Y60 LCD DIY Kit Hyte Y60 LCD DIY Kit

Tech Specs
ModelNV126B5M N42 V3.2
Resolution1920 x 515
Color Gamut45% NTSC
eDP Version1.2
Power Usage2.9W

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 3 cm


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