Nvision EG24S1 24-Inch IPS Gaming Monitor | 165Hz Refresh Rate | 1ms Response Time | Full HD 1920×1080 Resolution | Wide Viewing Angles | VESA Mount Compatible

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Introducing the EG24S1 monitor, a powerful display with impressive specifications designed to enhance your visual experience. With a generous screen size of 24 inches, it offers a comfortable viewing area for work, entertainment, and gaming.

The monitor features a high-resolution display with a crisp and detailed image quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This ensures sharp visuals and vibrant colors, making it ideal for multimedia content, productivity tasks, and immersive gaming.

One of the standout features of the EG24S1 is its impressive refresh rate of 165Hz. This high refresh rate enables smoother on-screen motion, reducing motion blur and tearing, and delivering a more fluid and responsive gaming experience. Whether you’re playing fast-paced games or watching action-packed videos, the 165Hz refresh rate ensures that every detail is captured with clarity.

The panel type used in this monitor is IPS (In-Plane Switching), known for its superior color accuracy and wide viewing angles. With a 178-degree visual angle both horizontally and vertically, you can enjoy consistent and accurate colors from virtually any position.

The EG24S1 is equipped with WLED backlighting, which offers excellent brightness at 230cd/m². This ensures that your screen remains well-illuminated, providing clear visuals even in well-lit environments.

With a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, the monitor delivers deep blacks and bright whites, resulting in enhanced image depth and visual richness. This contrast ratio enhances the overall visual experience, making movies, games, and images more immersive and engaging.

The response time of the EG24S1 is an impressive 1ms (GTG), meaning that pixels can change colors incredibly quickly. This swift response time eliminates motion blur and ghosting, allowing you to react faster and see every detail with precision, making it ideal for competitive gaming and fast-paced action.

The monitor also features a VESA hole pattern of 75x75mm, allowing for easy mounting on compatible monitor arms or wall mounts. This enables you to optimize your workspace and achieve a comfortable viewing position.

In terms of connectivity, the EG24S1 offers a variety of input and output options. It includes 4+DP+Audio Out interfaces, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and more. Additionally, it provides an audio output interface for connecting external speakers or headphones.

The monitor is powered by a 12V/3A input, providing efficient and reliable power to support its performance.

In summary, the EG24S1 monitor combines a large 24-inch display, high resolution, a fast refresh rate, and a quick response time to deliver an immersive and smooth visual experience. With its IPS panel, wide viewing angles, and excellent color accuracy, it ensures consistent and vibrant visuals from any position. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or simply looking for a versatile display for everyday use, the EG24S1 is a reliable and feature-packed choice.

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